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To put it as simply as possible, we plan to make this page one of the Best Resources for Links to Relevant Architecture, Design, Conservation, Planning, Renovation, Extension, Sustainability and New-Build Construction Information there is. We believe in sharing information, not holding our cards close to our chests.

Here You Will Find a Comprehensive Database of Links to Websites and Free to Download PDF Publications Relating to all Aspects of Architecture, Conservation, Building & Design.

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Conservation General:

RIAI Conservation  (click here)
The Architectural Heritage Fund  (click here)      

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (click here)
The Irish Georgian Society (click here)
The Twentieth Century Society (click here)
Industrial Heritage Ireland (click here)
The Prince's Regeneration Trust (click here)
English Heritage (click here)
Heritage Council (click here)
Understanding Conservation (click here)

Conservation Repair & Maintenance:

Historic Scotland PDF Guides (click here)  
Department of Environment Conservation Guides (click here)
Chimneys and Flues (click here)
Building Conservation UK (click here)
Maintaining Heritage (click here)

Building Sustainability:

Sustainable Building Resource UK (click here)
GreenSpec UK (click here)
SEAI  (click here)  
Housing Refurbishment  (click here)
Greening your Victorian house (click here)
Upgrading Existing Homes (click here)

General Sustainability:

'Rainforests of New York (click here)
World Rainforest Movement (click here)
Forestry Stewardship Council - FSC 
(click here)
FSC-Watch (click here) 
Sustainable Energy 'Without Hot Air - The Book' (click here) 
Sustainable Energy 'Without Hot Air - (The Blog' (click here) 
Progress and its Sustainability (click here)
Embodied Energy Database (click here)
Carbon Offsetting (click here)
Real Climate Science (click here)
Global Warming: Man or Myth? (click here)
Renewable Power News (click here)

Lime & Hemp Information:

Building Limes Forum Ireland 
(click here)    
Traditional Lime Company  (click here)  
Steve Allin's Hemp site  (click here)     
Henry Thompson's Old Builder's Site  (click here)  
Marcus McCabe: Ready mixed hemp and lime plaster (click here)   
The Hemp Company  (click here) 
Hemp Insulation UK (click here)   
Sumatec Limecrete Blocks UK (click here)   
The Renewable House (Limecrete) UK (click here)  

Architecture, Design, Urbanism:

(click here)  
HELM  (click here)  
IHBC  (click here)  


Landmark Trust UK  
(click here)  
Landmark Trust Ireland  (click here)  
Happy Modern Holidays  (click here)  

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